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Specific Pilates Exercises are Famous for Reversing Low Back Pain

Specific Pilates Exercises are Famous for Reversing Low Back Pain In Part 2, Cecilia Borders of gives a brief overview of the exercises available on the Pilates equipment known as the Reformer. ... Read More

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Receives compliments from co-workers regarding toned body:

I’ve received consistent weekly (and sometimes 2-3 times weekly) sessions with Cecilia for the past 5 years and the reason I stay so consistent is that I’m never bored by her choices of the huge Pilates repertoire for me. I love Cecilia’s programming of exercises that are customized for my needs on the specific days that I see her. Some days after work, I’m tired and in need of a less challenging workout and she knows exactly which exercises will suit me, and other days I want a very challenging workout for my core, butt, and arms, and she provides those different exercises instead. I get compliments from friends and co-workers about by toned body, so I’m passionate about Cecilia’s sessions.
— P. Andrews